September 10th is Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day

Most of us have a family member, or someone close to us, who puts off seeing their doctor. And they all have their reasons for not going to see the doctor. Some just don’t want to put a name to what is ailing them; thinking that if they don’t know what it is it will just go away. This is the medical equivalent of hiding under the blankets when we were children hoping the “monsters” would go away.  Some people have an actual fear of doctors…

… and some people just keep putting off going to a doctor because they are unaware of the severity of their symptoms and might think they have one of those “it will just go away” type of illnesses.

Whatever their reason, some people need a little push and encouragement to help them make safer choices. Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day is not about coercing or forcing someone to seek medical help, it is about lending an ear to a friend and supporting them to take the first steps towards gaining better control of their health.

Who knows? You may be just what they needed when they needed to get themselves to the doctor’s office! Even if your loved one feels fit and healthy, it is advised that people of all ages visit their doctor for a regular check-up, and those aged over 50 will benefit from going at least once a year. Whether your loved one needs a thorough check-up, or just wants to have a conversation about their health and wellness goals, speaking to a doctor promotes peace of mind.

Additional benefits of Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day:

  • Encourages supportive conversations about health
  • Helps reassure family and friends about your loved one’s health status
  • Will encourage you to book a doctor’s appointment for yourself!
  • Your loved ones live may be saved!

What to Take to The Doctor’s Appointment?

Okay, so the hard work is done. You have convinced your loved one to attend a doctor’s appointment, and the date is booked into your calendar – but what to take along with you?

Your loved one will get more from their doctor’s visit if you have the relevant information with you.

  • Write it Down
    There are many times we have all gone to the doctors and forgotten to ask a question or express a concern. Speak to your loved one before the appointment and ask them to write down any concerns or questions they may have for the doctor, so they can get the most out of their appointment.
  • Health History
    It is also advisable to write down a brief health history. A past illness or operation may seem insignificant to you and your loved one, but the more the doctor knows the better. Detailed health histories help doctors to understand your health journey and weigh up potential risks. Also, any family history of diabetes, heart attacks, family history of cancer, and other diseases or illnesses is very helpful.
  • Take It With You
    Your loved one may be on one or more medications, and often remembering the complex names can be problematic for most of us. To removes any doubt, ask your loved one to bring along all of their medication. This will help your doctor to know not just what it is your loved one is taking, but in what measure.


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