A Story of Inspiration

For anyone who has been through it, or watched a loved one experience it, there are few things in life that leave more of an impression that your doctor telling you that you have cancer. It’s always devastating news, but it is also the start of a fight, a battle that includes medical teams, family, friends and more, but also one that can seem overwhelming at times too.

With cancers like sarcoma, that have low survivability rates, it is very easy in those early days to think that it’s all over, that there is no way out. But there is always something to fight for, no situation is completely hopeless, and even at that diagnosis, as you as what is sarcoma? There is always hope. In those dark days though, that hope can be hard to find, which is why sharing other’s experiences is so important. They can inspire you to fight harder, be stronger and overcome your illness, like Dennis.

Fighting Sarcoma

A car accident is not the usual beginning to a story of cancer survival, but it is for Dennis. He blacked out driving and hit a parked vehicle. The subsequent medical exam found the reason for that blackout, and the next thing Dennis knew was waking up in a hospital after having mass removed from his brain, the pressure of which triggered the blackout.

After recovering, Dennis needed chemotherapy to deal with the soft tissue sarcoma that included a tumor under his tongue. With thanks to sarcoma experts, Dennis has recovered from an unhealthy 112 pounds to 200 pounds, and while still undergoing regular treatment for his sarcoma, is able to live a healthy and happy life.

Staying Positive

Dennis’ story shows the impact of remaining positive. From the initial shock of discovery, having to ask what is sarcoma and what would happen next, through to chemotherapy and other treatments, Dennis remained positive about the future. Through the hard work of the sarcoma team and support from friends and family, Dennis is still fighting, but enjoying life too.

When facing sarcoma, it is not a futile battle, Dennis and others show the way and are an inspiration to us all. He did it, and you can too.

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