Cancer has become the second-leading fatal disease in children under the age of fifteen.

In America today, nearing 16,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year; that is 1 in every 285 children. And of these kids, almost 1,800 will die.

This horrifying disease is not just a list of statistics, these are children who have had their lives cut short. Families are overwhelmed with heartache; their universe has been turned upside down as they face stress and financial burden. Cancer causes everyone to suffer, but with your help, we can make a difference for these kids and their families.

As an Ambassador of Hope, you can help to give a gift that brings inspiration and love.

Children’s Cancer Dream Network was designed to provide trips and special gifts that these children need and want. Sometimes we remove the family’s daily stresses by sending them on the vacation of their dreams. In many cases, this precious time is the last vacation the child and their family will every have together.

  Give a Precious Gift

Your donation will be used to help fulfill the dream of a child diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Without your help, these children may not experience the joy they long for with their families.

Our goal is to give these children and their families the ability to leave all of their worries behind, even if it is for only a short time. We try to remove the confusion and pain that they face every day and for a moment, replace it with joy and smiles.

We believe in the power of a dream.

No matter what the amount, your donation means the world to them.

Please give generously from your heart today because for them time is always running out.